Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Pre-Flight Instructions

By Errol Strider

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. This is your captain speaking I'd like to welcome you aboard flight one-for-all en route to Mt. Omega, with continuing service to higher awareness, unlimited possibility, and ubiquitous consciousness.

We will be travelling at an altitude of as-high-as-we-can-get.

Our in-flight magazine, Universe Traveler is located inside your mind. It contains interesting particles as well as information about the in flight leverage selections and a wide choice of mental faculties.

To be assured that your mind won't run amuck, fasten your seat belt by inserting the mental tip when you buckle. You will find your mental tip at the outermost edge of your assumptions..

You have the additional option of tightening by grasping or feel more secure by letting go.

To release your will, lift the mental flack where you last buckled.

Feel free to take the mental tip with you as our gift..

Today's mental tip is "If all else, take it personally."

You can get the most out of this flight if you let what's looking in the window as panaroramic as what you see looking out the window.

Feel free to let other points of view displace your old fight or flight patterns.

In case tyour points of view won't budge, this aircraft has 2 far-seeing openings, 2 windows to your soul and exits located anywhere you're willing to see your reality differently.

Window exits lead to off-wing slides. To operate, remove the belief that you've got life handled, pull your handle down and in until you feel the hand of a Reassuring Presence handling you, then you can safely let go.

Each door is equipped with an escape slide. You can slide into alcoholism, drug abuse, television watching, shopping, power, greed, gluttony or all of the above. Look out the window to the world for plenty of other escape options. Follow any of these compulsions to escape.

Your life is always pressurized, but if there is an increase in pressure, a panel (of judges) will open and a choice of masks will appear-- sad, mad, and glad. Put on the mask that most fits your state of mind, pull the mask toward you to start the flow of awareness. Even though the bag may not inflate, do not use this as a excuse to inflate...yourself. You will find yourself heavier and it will be more difficult to take off...whatever is holding you down...or back.

In the unlikely event of a water landing, your bottom may be used as a flotation device. You will find it attached to your legs. Upon landing in the water, place your arms around your bottom and kiss your bottom goodbye.

Soul lights will now be turned on. Thank you for your intention.

But wait! Before taking off, we like to leave you with one more important mental tip

"Remember, eternity takes no time at all."

Monday, October 26, 2009


I Need

by Errol Strider

I need to shed my longing in the spring;

And bare my heart in the forlorn mist of lonely winters

To discern in autumn the wisdom of death

And in summer to remember the seasons of barrenness.

I need to voice my yearning in the twilight,

To affirm my identity at dawn

To perceive that suns don't stand still at noon,

Nor do stars wane in the blue of sleep.

I need to be touched in the mid of morning,

And to be recharged in the lull of afternoons;

To be lifted out of myself when the sun begins to set,

And to be made humble and thankful as first rays sift over the horizon.

I need to engender a feeling of trust in the waking hours of men,

And to not be deceived by sleep masquerading as death,

But to grasp the erectness of meanings that stretch out into heaven,

To know substance and essence well as behavior and form.

I need to understand myself revealed in the faces of men,

And to not judge them by their surface and shadows

For in the finding of cause for behavior that mars,

I see myself struggling to grow.

If I look beyond the barriers my brother erects,

I see him saying, too,

"I have need to be filled."

Errol Strider
(415) 459-4512

Friday, October 23, 2009


Text message from God: "When you step into the Do-duality, don't get it all over yourself.."

I saw Michael Moore's movie, "Capitalism, a Love Story" last night.

I can imagine many of us going, "Ooooo!" "Yuk" "They're awful." "What can we do?" Then we're taken over by a feeling of impotence or simply the distractions and the compulsivity's of our own needs and wants, and it becomes just another movie.

And we become, like the guards at the doors of the big corporations that Mr. Moore approached… "Sorry, you can't talk to our CEO, let alone convert him/her."

And what is the CEO or your consciousness? For most of us it is a false sense of who we are concocted out of our need to separate ourselves in order to know ourselves…hence…greed, denial, apathy, war/competition, dis-ease, etc.

I suggest that we start by becoming a little reflective…rather than reflexive.

Consider: We are unlikely to change the system or the people in it, especially those who are in power.

But, we are not helpless…How about planting the seeds of awareness, compassion, and responsibility in the minds of those who are just forming their values…children…good place to start. Ya think?
Children develop their values based on the five following influences:


Religious system (if any)

What would it take to prepare the soil in each of these influential areas so that the seeds of wisdom can blossom…so that we can have enlighten leaders in time for the complete breakdown of the domination system? Good time to start, wouldn't you say?

If you'd like to know more how this can be done…let me know…I've got some ideas…and if I can cross-fertilize with your ideas…hey, we can help move evolution along in the direction it's already headed.
What say ye?

Thursday, October 22, 2009


AWAKEN, The Conditioner

by Errol Strider

Is your life drab? Has your will lost its bounce, the sparkle, the luster?

Do the highlights just disappear into the dark?

Has your will become hard and brittle with divided beginnings…split endings, making it unresponsive to love, incapable of making healthy choices?

Or maybe your will was abused by early conditioning… leaving it limp, stringy and depressed…

Then you'll want to try our new life line conditioner, "Awaken".

AWAKEN, unlike the old paradigm conditioners, doesn't harness, flatten, or deplete your natural will.

It leaves it, silky, soft and responsive to the gentlest touch, the most sublime guidance.

The old conditioners acted to subvert your will, making it listless, abrasive or stiff.

And what is life with a stiff will? No joy, no resilience.

No, you want your will firm enough to penetrate, but supple enough to receive.

What you want is the flexibility and allure of a properly conditioned will.

Remember when your will first started growing out? How free, flowing and zesty it was.

You could feel the spirit moving through it--balancing it, adjusting it, the luxurious and natural sheen...the lift...the way light could just bounce off your will and radiate your natural beauty.

And then, remember how those early conditioners would try to force the strands of your will to fit into some old style image that really wasn't you.

Well now, you can get a fresh start with "Awaken"...the Holy way to have more body in your life.

When applied directly into your crown chokra, "Awaken" un-conditions and cleanses all those old beliefs right out through your scalp.

Then it replaces those toxic perceptions with "Fresh Viewpoint," our patented process. This makes the transition so easy and effortless that all you'll need is a short period of Grace to allow Fresh Viewpoint to penetrate deep into your consciousness.

And then get ready to experience your will spring back to life.

Awaken uses a very old and time proven formula.

Unlike many conditioners that use artificial and inorganic beliefs, Awaken uses only the purest ingredients harvested directly from the source of will…who's been around since time began...literally.

Awaken is applied by a gentle stroking of the will, a luxurious message that goes to the very core of your volition.

If you use Awaken moment to moment, in no time at all, your will will return to that wholesome, gorgeous and alive state it was designed for.

And with Awaken, you can be sure that your will has that all-important quality of being yielding.

As you know, a yielding will is a happy will, a will that invites warm loving thoughts to run their fingers through it.

So, if you want to turn heads and enlighten consciousness when you walk into a room, try Awaken, the only conditioner that leaves your will unencumbered and free.

Possible side effects include: Out of body experiences, loss of appetites for sensation, power or prestige, reduction of interest in material acquisitions and self-forgetfulness.

Please consult your inner beautician.

© 2003 Errol Strider

Monday, October 19, 2009





How to escape from the time/space continuum and turn your problems into

punch lines or opportunities for soul growth.

bub·ble n.

2. a small globule of gas in a thin liquid envelope.

4. anything that lacks firmness, substance, or permanence; an illusion or delusion.

11. a sudden, small, temporary change or divergence from a trend: In May there was a bubble in car sales, with three percent more being sold than last year.

16. to seethe or stir, as with excitement:

For my purposes, definitions 11 (a sudden, small, temporary change or divergence from a trend ) and 16 (to seethe or stir, as with excitement) are most accurate, although seen from the point of view of the disparaging "realist", they would probably define my bubble according to definition 4 (anything that lacks firmness, substance, or permanence; an illusion or delusion).

But what I am going to suggest is that life from within the bubble is far more real than it appears looking from the outside the bubble and, in fact, offers opportunities for human advancement barely recognized from outside the bubble. So this is an invitation to come on in.

The realists might suggest that if I persist in my delusionist ways, I'm certain to die…life will, in fact, kill me…Well, I've got news for you, realists…life will kill you, too. But life is safer inside the bubble…it's safer because there's no fear…and a place of no fear is always a safer place to live than a place of fear…and believe me, and you can ask any realist to confirm this, life outside the bubble is full of fear. Some may even claim that life outside the bubble is run by fear, which is why, after many excursions between life in the bubble and life outside the bubble, I have decided to take up permanent residency inside my bubble.

Clearly life, as it is seen from inside the bubble is distorted…and, quite frankly, it needs to be distorted. In its current "torted"* state, life outside the bubble is a bitch…as many realists would describe it…a bunch of problems and then you die. But from within the bubble, life is filled with eternal possibilities for a pleasant surprise.

*tort tôrt), n. Law. a wrongful act, not including a breach of contract or trust, that results in injury to another's person, property, reputation, or the like, and for which the injured party is entitled to compensation

I think even a confirmed realist living outside the bubble would agree that life out there is very "torted', "full of wrongful acts that result in injury to other persons and their property, reputation and 'the like" for which they are entitled to compensation," but, often as not, people don't get any compensation, and as a result many feel betrayed…Hence…the cynical point of view of the realist and why it is so helpful to come into the bubble where life is dis-tort-ed, and where in fact there is compensation. And that compensation comes in the form (actually formless) of Grace…

Grace makes it possible for the bubble to exist and for you to live inside the bubble. Grace is the very substance of the bubble, it is what makes up my bubble and "You can never do enough to deserve grace, all you can do is accept it." (text message from God)

You see, life outside the Bubble which we will call LOB as contrasted with life inside the Bubble which we will call LIB. (implying liberty) there is an almost universally agreed upon assumption that it is by doing that things get done. So the concept of accepting or receiving, especially that which cannot be understood and especially controlled like Grace, is foreign to the LOByists. In fact, it is the capacity to receive that allows one to absorb the grace that makes living in the Bubble possible in the first place, that enables one to be a LIBer.

Controlling, (the default reaction of the "LOByist) in many ways, is the opposite of receiving. And if one is driven by the ever-separating-aspect of self, the ego…constant control must be maintained otherwise separation will collapse and the ego will self destruct. So the ego is afraid of allowing anything uncontrollable in, especially anything as uncontrollable Grace…unearned assurance provided by a benevolent though often misunderstood Universe.

The Grace of God, the trajectory of evolution sweeps through the universe gobbling up anything that isn't committed to love and life, and since all fear-based reactions to life, especially chronic fears, don't exist in the primordial and evolving state of love, any thought, activity, or feeling that is fear-based evaporates, just as a shadow disappears when the light is cast upon it.

Now, living inside the bubble does not in any way mean that you have no contact with the cruel and injurious life outside the bubble…it just places a semi-permeable membrane between you and life (like a cell) on the outside per definition #2…a small globule of gas contained in a thin clear liquid.

You see, what you breath inside the bubble is unpolluted grace…while the thin liquid film between you and the harsh "real" world is actually composed of a combination of tears of grief and joy as they are expelled from any humble being who is willing to mourn…which is why Jesus said, blessed are those who mourn…for they shall be free to live life inside a bubble.

Next lesson: How to get inside the bubble…a vacation plan for disillusioned "objectifiles." (and where are the best places to eat). More later…

Saturday, October 17, 2009



One of the things we most appreciate about the media, especially comedy TV shows, is that it cracks us up.

But Beware:  The media literally cracks you up…it puts cracks in your psyche…separating you from aspects of yourself, and cracks can easily develop into craters, chasms and canyons…given the right set of pulls, pressures and problems.

Then it's just a hop, skip and a fall…into crators…

an easy misstep that will drive you into chasms (especially cata-chasms),

and an unconscious stumble that will get you lost in canyons of self-deception.

The craters grow from common misconceptions, the chasms from mutual delusion…and, the canyons from the rivers of denial.

Here's the punch line…this should crack you up…

We, then attempt to solve our manifold problems from the fantasy space stations we created...

Our agreed upon assumptions, fed by our collusion with the media in creating never ending conflicts for fun and profit
..whilst we look for a handout from "wisdom", but  unwilling to do the work wisdom requires to release its bounty.



The media sells, produces, feeds off of, and perpetuates conflict!

Conflict makes money…any war monger, fear producer or marketing guru knows that.

Create conflict, make it relatively unbearable and then sell the solution.

These are not new insights to any clear observer, but when we mistake all of that for "reality" and make choices based on all that "sound and fury", we've become blind observers! The blind observers leading the…(you get the point.)

Media hides what is really happening…if it didn't hide it, it wouldn't be in business and keep you in busyness—too busy to actually see what's happenin, but ever running on the treadmill of consumption!.

Consumer BeWare!
What Media doesn't reveal, because it can't, is that reality is composed of billions upon billions of transactions going in any given instant…and that's just your own life.

As the media looks out at the landscape of existence (ever on the alert for geo-psychic faults") generalizations are made, and if they're massive enough and intense enough, they'll show up as the News. 

We then adjust our perceptions and conclusions about this generalized unreality and make choices accordingly… further removing us from "Reality."   (Yes, if you're thinking, "We're nuts!" You're right!)


So where can you go to find the reliable News that doesn't depend on conflict as its most compelling ingredient…just like sugar is the most alluring ingredient in so much food (which creates all kinds of conflict in your body.)


Answer: To find the true news, go to what is actually new…the Now. 

What is new is this moment appearing out of nowhere (not the perishable past).

Media News is never new. 

Only what shows up in the Now is New!

But the only way you can get the "real news" is if you're reporting "live".

Now, both the good and the bad news is that in order to show up in the now, you have to leave behind all those assumptions, judgments, rationalizations, justifications, and misperceptions that block out "Immediacy" (Unfortunately, the foundations and fabric of your perceived existence, but not to worry, letting go of all of that is a "crack up.")

So…champ…all that is needed is a little willingness to be informed about what the real "News" is…

So...suspend your "knowing,"

engage what shows up

and let go of the part of the past that is still "dying for resolution" (un-forgiveness).

But Buyer BeAware!... "It's never too late to show up in the Now!"

Friday, October 16, 2009



Not easy words, eh? Trust…hmmm…trust what, trust whom…why? When? See? …tough words…lots to consider…and why even consider it?
Benefits of Trust…what's in it for you?

You can relax…

Life flows more easily

Everything goes on sale at once…and you can afford it.

Benefits of not trusting

You don't get hurt as easily

Ward off loss…

Get out of life with fewer scars, disappointments and betrayals.

Who should care?

People who are suffering

People who know people who are suffering

People who want to reduce suffering


Downside of Trusting:

Have to let go of your addictions

Have to let go of your contrived self-identity

Have to become more attractive.

Downside of Not-Trusting…

Ever reducing universe options

Fear squelched existence.

Ultimate isolation and less fun.

What else does trust do?

Lubricates the pathways of interpersonal exchange.

Makes the ground of existence more dependable and buoyant.

Saturates all transitions with spiritual "come."

What or who are we trusting?

"Exactly." Abbot and Costello

Or…to be more specific

"The Evolutionary Imperative" variously called,

"The Will of God, Allah, Krishna, Buddha, Christ, anyone whom I've been grateful and happy to obey.

People often experience it directly through

A hug

A Blessing

Golden laced sunsets…

The act of creation

The delightful surprise

Timely Forgiveness

Transcending self-interest

Examining the exquisite dances of existence as they display themselves through universe peepholes, like…physics, biology, astronomy, physiology, good management theory, successful relationships, parent/child continuum, great movies, symphonies, meals…thanksgiving.

Yep, it's there to behold wherever we're willing to look…as long as we look for it in the Now…
And that brings us to surrender…
A topic for our next conversation.

(And by the way, the pictures that I put up are ones that I've taken and each one comes with a little "Text Message" from God that I've received. Let me hear from you with your email and I'll send you the photo with message.)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Need for Mutual Recognition

While we are madly scrambling about to avoid as much pain and gain as much pleasure as we can, consider the benefits of stopping to share some mutual recognition.

As I observe the human condition...most of us are busy trying to get something, go somewhere, attract or avoid someone...eats up a lot of energy and often leaves us frustrated in terms of achieving our goals...money, security, sex, comfort, knowledge, power, influence, health...those sorts of things...

Here's the irony...what we actually want and more often what we need is very likely right before us waiting to be mined from our relationship with another, specifically, through our mutual recognition.
If we really knew who and what was standing before us in any given exchange is the opportunity of a life time...even the opportunity of an eternal life time.

Life is all about making exchanges...nothing comes about without an exchange from the tiniest particle to the biggest ego.

The more deeply and thoroughly we exchange with one another, the more energy is liberated and the closer we get to resolving our issues.

How this works is the study of physics, biology, chemistry, sociology, religion, family dynamics and relationships... I want to explore this with you so that you can benefit from this knowledge and begin to benefit from the practice of "MUTUAL RECOGNITION"

First the potential benefits...more







and Kindness

and the energy and imagination to translate those eternal dimensions into practical actions that lead to real life improvement.

Next...how it works and how it can work for you.

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Beliefs and Assumptions to Question

Text message from God: "You can't afford the luxury of self-reliance any more."

Certain beliefs that you have to at least question…if not abandon in order to really address and solve many of the problems that face us:

"It's about the money."

"I have to solve this problem…myself."

"There is much to fear."

"I lack the wherewithal to solve it."

"I need to accomplish "this," but no matter what I do, it's never enough."

"I am somehow disconnected from the rest of the universe, especially the part of the universe that has what I lack and want."

"I'm a piece of shit…"
"Something or someone out there has to change in order for me to be all right."

Opportunity to make positive change

We've all heard the expression, changes starts with us as individuals. In spite of the compelling call of this admonition, we often are tempted to address change by trying to fix something outside of ourselves. This is understandable. Sensual data comes to us from "out there." Yeshua has told us that "the kingdom of Heaven is within"...ergo, if you want to get to what is fundamental and where fundamental change takes place...check out the Inner you.
Years a go I wrote a very brief essay that appeared on Celestial Seasonings Spearmint tea box...(I was hoping to get Morning Thunder, but I like Spearmint...so I took it.) What I shared then, and my mind hasn't changed much since then is the metaphor that if you want to change one element (oxygen, hydrogen, etc.) into another you must fuse them at the nuclear level...Then real change occurs. Otherwise you're just manipulating the particles at the surface level and nothing fundamentally changes.
Obama came to office on the platform that emphasized the need to change, and then was thrust into the very entrenched world of the military,/industrial,/congressional/ etc. complex...where those in the greatest position to change things are probably the least willing.
So what about this inner change? How does it happen and how can it influence the collective. I am so impressed at how unthinking we tend to be when it comes to addressing the mammoth problems our world/people face. How we tend to react to generalities and gross assumptions fed to us by the media. We are mostly deluded and unconscious when it comes to the realization of what change really is and can be and from where it must be initiated.
But though it feels so good to gripe and react, I think it is much more productive to take a pro-active approach to our "problems, to realize where and how that fundamental change starts and needs to happen and to develop a vision and strategies of how that might come about.
As the Urantia Book states in its "cardinal features of the Kingdom of Heaven" the individual is preeminent. So let us start with us... as individuals...and ask ourselves what changes do we need to make within ourselves to bring about ...within our unique self..wholeness, justice... etc.? Do we even know? Do we care? What will it take to awaken within us the realization that the change starts with me and that change, if we are sincere about improving the quality of our lives, must begin now. So what will it take to begin with you? With me? And how do we proceed? Stay tuned.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Message from the Now Oct 13 09

Hey Partner...there's a lot of stuff going on out there and in here demanding my interest and attention...how about you? Stuff that feels good, looks good, and stuff that's challenging my fight or flight reflex...
Victim? Oppressor? Intermediary? What's your choice?
Okay, let's start by going to whatever conflict that you can influence directly, hold hands with the Spirit of Union, jump in and mix it up...that seems to be the call from the All Knower All Being...
Bottom line..the problems that we face look a lot different from "The Now" than they do from the past/future matrix...tempting though that is.
Are you ready/willing to change? And if so, into what? If you could pick any place on the evolutionary spiral, where would you place yourself? Where you are now, for instance?

So here's a little poem I'd like to share with you...to get us re-oriented: (By the way, ACIM (A Course in Miracles)suggests that the first step is to strengthen our motivation to change...how strong is yours?) "First step to what?" you may ask. Well, first step to re-orienting ourselves in the direction that evolution is headed...for one thing. Now mind you, I trust that in the long run, we are all headed that way, but we could save ourselves a lot of time...and more importantly, suffering, if we worked with the program rather than resist it...and if all it takes is a little knowledge, practice and support, well, by all means, let's seize it and get moving...get motivated! If you will...
Okay, we'll have to hold off on the poem until I can determine how to cut and paste it.
Speaking of metaphors..."Cut and Paste" is a great one. If you were invited to cut and paste different aspects of yourself, what would you pick? Let me know...get back to me and we can continue with the process of "Waking Up!" in time...just in time, as a matter of fact! Cut you up? Paste you into the developing story of evolution.

Premise # 1: "Life is on your side!" True? False? True for some but not true for others? True from time to time? Mostly false? What if...it were actually completely and utterly true? That to me is the message of Faith...the Message that Yeshua demonstrated as he submitted to the ultimate test...entering the illusion of separation...of duality...and finding his way out of that illusion into...guess where? Why, the Now, of course. Where he keeps emerging timelessly...and invites us to re-emerge endlessly out of this very beat in between time...the center of the cyclone...the pole around which life spins..."God is, after all, the still point at the center of our turning."
Faith urges us to "Act as if life was in fact on your side."
Johan just sat down with me at the coffee shop and e shared with me..."I am the human of the human..." I am that I Am. In other words, what if God were the first human? showing up shortly after the stage for phenomenal reality was set by 13 billion years of you...ready to play hide and seek with consciousness...other self-aware independent beings simultaneously connecting with everything else, and yet, with each connection/confrontation...giving birth to new dimensions of consciousness playing in the back yard of existence--physicality.
So what Johan and I have arrived at is the notion of a Unified theory of the Soul." How about you? How about coming to our Unified Experience of the Soul? We're starting a program, and you're invited to participate...we're calling it an integrative fitness program...more to come later.
Just got a tweet from God, "
"Which is more important to fire? The pieces of wood or the spaces in between them?
Let me hear from you...

Friday, October 9, 2009

Welcome aboard, Partner.

Welcome aboard, Partner. This universe is filled with a vast array of particulates...all vying for importance in our perception...generally prodded along by pain, pleasure or curiosity. If you're experiencing any of these or would like to...along with a "Sense of Human" then please join me on this ride, while we consider things like...what is meaning and how much is it? Can you get it on sale? Can you get wisdom without living it? Who's in charge? How much does he charge? What do I do to shift from a limited dualistic perspective to an eternal vision. Where do I get on? Etc...so let me start you off with a couple of poems I've written so that we can begin to get acquainted...
"We're all gathered in a wash...
like bubbles...
and then...cleansed by each other...
helping to explode our shells...
each leaving a vacuum...
waiting to be filled
by god!