Saturday, October 27, 2012


Rochelle and I are on a mission to laugh our age off because……

When it gets right down to it, what is most important to you?
Your health? Your family? Security? Fun? Pleasure? Making a difference? Joy? Service? Living a long vital life? Your children? Your grand children and their health and well being?

The older we get the more the long healthy vital life takes precedent over everything else (except your children’s children, of course)
Don’t you want to be that positive force in the lives of your family, friends and neighbors as all of you grow older?

These are the real issues behind “Laugh Your Age Off,” because every time we can laugh at what bugs us about ourselves, about our limitations, about aging, about pain and loss, we instantly become a more joyful presence and when we’re more full of joy, we become a more effective source of life and inspiration for others…..not to mention ourselves.

So, don’t think our plan for a YouTube video series, “Laugh Your Age Off,” is a trivial thing.  We’re talking some serious laughter here—well, some serious subjects, anyway that deserve the laughter treatment.

Here’s a list of some the issues that we all face and that can cause us to….well…….take ourselves, and the problem, way too seriously.

·        Anything that makes us worry, fret, or angst over--like financial or health worries.
·        Limitations and frustrations like the increasing frequency to forget where we put things.
·        Dealing with other aging folks, especially when they make the shift in our awareness from being people we care about to being……well…..assholes. Very important time to inject some humor in the relationship.
·        How about loneliness?  There is not a reason why any human being on earth should ever feel lonely. One thing we don’t have any lack of is people.  And we are committed to helping you laugh at all the reasons for loneliness away, post haste. Once revealed they’re pretty laughable.
·        Then there’s death, fear of death and grief. Not much laughter in dying or grief, you might say. Agreed. But what can comfort us when we do grieve are loving hearts filled with compassion and understanding, and all the laughing at ourselves prepares us to be those heartfelt and supportive people.

For instance, think of the many people who are right now sitting in hospital rooms anxiously awaiting to hear about the recovery of their loved ones. (Rochelle and I were two of those people a couple of days ago, and are still eagerly waiting to hear about our dear friend, Karen’s recovery.) A large dollop of being able to laugh at ourselves goes a long way to relieve our stress, don’t you think?

Indeed, when we are concerned about others we naturally reach for the medicine of laughter to massage our souls.  So think of “Laugh Your Age Off,” as your good humor medicine chest that will be available to you on YouTube any time you need it. Plus, by being a contributor, you’ll get our weekly newsletter where you’ll learn the art and craft of making light of painful stuff.

Rochelle and I have learned the tricks of being able to turn troublesome issues, like aging (which is really living) into joy and laughter (we’ve had to—the alternative was way too much pain) and we just want to share those tricks with you.

Each “episode” of “Laugh Your Age Off,”  we will use different tricks to mitigate the negative and unnecessary aspects of aging (living). So, not only will you be laughing your age off (and yes, even laugh your ass off) you will come away from each video with some tricks up your sleeve so that when you meet someone who’s taking life all too seriously, you will be able to trick them into a much needed giggle or guffaw.

Believe me, everyone in your sphere of influence will be grateful to you, and you will be grateful to you, cause when you’re laughing, my friend, particularly at the things that are hard to laugh at—especially about yourself, you will feel a 100 times lighter.

And, besides a fabulous orgasm, there’s no better way to get into the present, where all the love of life is, than through a hearty laugh.
So join us…for Laugh Your age off. You’ll feel healthier, lighter, move loving, and of course…..younger.
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