Tuesday, December 18, 2012


The pain, agony, frustration and despair of this recent tragedy well expressed by this hand sculpted by Rodan.

Now, many ask, "What can be done?
I continue to go back to the necessity for our culture to face its shadow.
This tragic event was a vivid and too painful example of shadow expressing itself big time!

I believe the best way for us to face our shadow is through arts, entertainment and media.
People need to be "tricked" into facing that shadow. Laughter is probably the best way, which is why I have been focusing on developing a program where the shadow is revealed through comedy and art.
Once the shadow is acknowledged, then readily available steps can be taken to release it and to shift to a creative approach to life. Creativity and imagination are what will ultimately enable us to invent whatever means are required to shift attitudes and behaviors

I'd be very interested in other ideas, but as of now, this is still the best I can come up with.
If we don't face and heal our shadow, how will we ever recover from the damage and the negative conditioning that drives us insane?
I also have to remind myself that we are a very  immature species and only time, experience and developing wisdom will mature us.

I am reminded of the statement by Martin Buber, the Jewish philosopher, when he says that, "All real living is meeting."
The way I interpret that is that everyone wants and needs to be met--authentically. Much of our attempts at the "meeting' are superficical at best, and unfortuntely it sometimes takes tragic events to motivate us to more earnestly seek that meeting.
As A Course in Miracles says, "Strengthening the motivation to change is the first step."
So....a campaign to strengthen the motivation to change is in order.
I'm very motivated and I know you are.
Think on't!
Andy Rumi

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