Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Striders have left the building. Yes, it's official. I am nestless. This is the upgrade from homeless. It means that people will let you sleep on their couches, or at least in their car. 
Rochelle is happily ensconced on a beautiful yacht. She has all the luck. The owner won't let me stay on the yacht. I'm too messy plus his other considerations. 
So, I'm am on the fast track of adapting. FYI- according to Yeshua (Jesus) in the book by Glenda Green, "Love without end." Love is "harmonic adaptation to the environment." or as the Urantia Book says, "the meaning of life is in its adaptability." Or as I would say it, "Though separated at birth, adaptation and forgiveness are identical twins."
"Decisions, more decisions, and more decisions." I will be blogging about my adventures--working title, Winging It.
Moving out, going through over 40 years of stuff, living out of suitcases--each day an adventure in discovery. That's what I'm about now.
In the middle of this our son, Ian, got married on June 1st to Ping Tsai.  What a thrill that was for both families and friends!
So now, the search for the perfect context begins in earnest.  Hmmm..... where can we be that we can maximize our contribution, our creative potential and eat.
All suggestions are welcome.

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