Saturday, August 3, 2013


"Clothing optional"  I love the sound of those words.
Why? Because I have the belief that if you don't need to wear clothes, why wear them? And when I found out that my new home is in fact, clothing optional, I was delighted."
"But wait, isn't everybody's home clothing optional," you might ask.
Well, yes, but not as "clothing optional" as a Naturist Resort.

A few months ago, when Rochelle and I were liberated from our home in Fairfax, CA by the mortgage company (to the horror of many of our friends, for whom the thought of being homeless at our age was, well.....horrifying.), I was curious as to where we would end up live before we end up.

After moving 15 times +  since May 5, eager to find a home, we've landed at a Naturist Resort where we have found, not only a home-modest though a Yurt may be-but a whole community/system/business that apparently needs our help and our particular talents and gifts--The Naturist "colony" itself. (More on that complex system later)

The community has been in existence since 1935, which shows that it has staying power. It sits on 180 acres of forested land complete with various kinds of abodes (tents, cabins, trailers, yurts) several meeting yurts and a main dining/event room with a commercial kitchen, and a variety of unclothed human shapes.

The sentient beings I live with every day include the people who own the place, the staff, members, guests, interlopers, a herd of 10 deer, skunks, impertinent racoons, lots of bees and flies, and our resident wild cat, who ever assures us that this is her home and beware those who doubt it. She has been seen to eat cats for dessert in the drive way. God only knows whom she ate for an entree?

Indeed, after I landed they put me to work immediately washing dishes-lots of them. I have washed more dishes in the last 3 weeks than in the last 3 years. I like to think I'm getting better at it.  It's my Zen practice. Washing dishes does its best to keep me humble.

And yet,  from a spiritual perspective this "resort" is a veritable paradise.
The system is in need of lots of TLC, especially the people, both those who opt to wear clothes (most of the workers) and those who do not (members and guests). 

Since I've arrived at the realization that the "pearl of great price," as Jeshua called it, is being of service, I can say that I've landed in a veritable paradise. 

My ongoing blog about these adventures will reveal the many stories, characters, plot twists and creative opportunities that we encounter. I have a book's worth of surprises and conundrums already.

Much of the personnel is, shall we say, less than highly evolved (me, for instance, but far be it for me to judge). So, we've been given an opportunity to be part of the healing and evolution of this "Naturist" community. 

Oh, BTW, If you haven't figured it out by now, we're living at what used to be called a "Nudist Colony." but which now prefers to think of itself as a "clothing optional resort."

I'll stop for now and let this sink in and give you time to imagine what it must be like living in a "clothing optional community," and as I've been sitting in a coffee shop writing this-a place where clothing is not optional- for most of the morning, I feel a strong need to get naked.

So I'm going to my new clothing optional home and find some place on its 180 acres of wooded land to....... exercise my option.

Think on't
Andy Rumi

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  1. Dearest Errol, what a delight to see you dancing with the waves in a place that truly sounds like a gift - you being there for them and their being there for you and Rochelle. Sounds like just the sort of place I was imagining for you, tho I admit, the "clothing optional" option had not occurred to me! Where are you along the Pacific coast?

    I look forward to future posts.