Sunday, October 13, 2013


     Rochelle and I continue to live in our clothing optional community, although as winter comes, the optional part is not so enticing.
     We've just moved into our little cabin in the woods, which could be our home for quite awhile, though, if we don't get a door to separate the bedroom/kitchen from the bathroom, Rochelle is out of here.
     We live in 110 acres of pristine nature (what nature isn't pristine? And i constantly have to push the herd of deer out of the way so I can have my turn at grazing on our lawn)
     Just recently I discovered a trail on the property that goes along a creek. I'm looking forward to the rains when I suspect the creek will be running and I along with it. And, since it is my nature to jump naked into a stream, ocean or river, I will take a plunge. 
     Speaking of plunge, we've been plunged into a community of people--staff, guests, members, residents, interlopers, etc. that feels like we're living in a combination of a soap opera, "Survivor" and "Modern Family". What a show!

     And, I find it so fascinating that most people, including many of those who live and work here, along with my spouse, find being naked in public so uninviting and intimidating. Understandable, living in a society that pins so much of our self-image on what our bodies look like and as a result, what covers them.
     But for those of you who are jumping at the chance to go naked in public, in nature, in front of other naked people and to jump into the stream with me , come visit us. It is a very freeing experience!!! But if you'd rather not, by all means, stay dressed. It is, after all, "clothing optional."
     Of course, there is the mountain lying, recently seen by one of our neighbors chasing a raccoon. "Um...Yummny," growled the mountain lion. 
Our neighbor, on the other hand just screamed.

Think on't
Andy Rumi