Wednesday, October 15, 2014

What is the within?

(We hear the announcer)

 "The realm of ever expanding ecstatic consciousness is within.  Call now and find out how you can have your own inner realm, where you can bring all your most loving and spiritual memories. Not only does it receive as many as you can stuff into it, (kinda like a big pajama party) but the really cool thing about it is the more folks you share your inner realm with, the larger it gets.

In your inner realm you won't be able to distinguish between play and work.  Activities are just part of a spiral of ever expanding arching circles that never close as they make their way throughout infinity--picking up and gathering experience to itself-- like snow balls becoming snow mountains.

That's right --your inner realm has direct access to infinity where you will find friendly souls eager to greet you, problems to challenge your creativity, and surprises that bear somewhat of a resemblance to earthly orgasms.

"What's the difference between inner orgasms and physical ones?" you may ask. Body orgasms, while fantastic and effective are very short--as are sneezes, by the way, also a very satisfying and effective burst of energy and fluids.

But your bodies are too fragile to host that kind of extended ecstasy that you can have in the inner realm. In your inner realm you learn how to consciously control the direction and the purpose of your soul's jubilant fluid outbursts and make them last longer.

Be sure and bring your most loving thoughts into your inner realm, but leave behind all worries and numbers.  There is no place for numbers in the inner realm. In the inner realm, numbers are irrelevant, if they're recognized at all. And worries..... C'mon. Need we say more?

Free tickets......on sale now!"

Think on't 
And Rumi

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


In order for awareness to be, there must be distinctions. And thus was the ground laid for the potential of duality  For awareness required something to be aware of it.  It is aware of itself, of course, but awareness isn't finished.  Awareness, by its very nature insists on being shared. Awareness is the sharing. Thus distinction,  a "something else" was inevitable  
Described as the 2nd person of the trinity by some. The awareness is being aware of itself, after all.

Awareness became aware of its infinite aware self.  That awareness gives rise to the mirror image of awareness, like two mirrors facing each other, (but imagine those mirrors reflecting life experience as they reiterate themselves infinitely.)

But wait. Awareness and self-awareness are thus able to share a mutual awareness, which in turn extends into eternity, like a rushing river, cascading through eons and light years.
This mutual awareness is mutuality itself forever multiplying on itself, thus giving birth to endless ways in which mutuality shows up.

Mutuality is the divine gift to creation--endless opportunities to experience mutuality--the sharing.
And what is mutuality, in our human experience?  It starts with rapport, then reciprocity, while becoming filled in, so to speak, with understanding, appreciation, recognition, and conjoining.

The conjoining leads to birthing more possibilities of awareness becoming even more aware.  The finite provides the possibility of infinite downsizing itself so it can experience the thrill of becoming more and more infinite--(How do you become more infinite?)

Now, bring that awareness down to you, this moment.  Be aware that you are being aware.  Let the two greet each other. Awareness meets awareness  ("How do you do?" we might be tempted to imagine when awareness meets itself, but there is no doing in awareness, tough it is aware of doing. But when there is mutual recognition the joining takes place, and self (as in self-awareness) is born and lives.  Each of us is, then, the point of focus that sharing singles out of its infinite self-hood for special recognition and it is that special recognition by self-awareness being aware of itself that is peeking into the finite as you (and me).

In other words, you as a self-aware identity exist because mutual awareness is continually beholding you as part of what it is aware of.

In some other words, you were conceived out of the inherent mutuality of awareness itself and so awareness became aware of you and you, thusly, become self-aware also.  It is the two facets of awareness (self-being aware of itself, i.e. self-awareness) being aware of each other that produces you (and me) in this specific set of circumstances in the time/ space continuum. 

You are then the particle (or wave--as needed) of delight in the recognition that is being shared by awareness tucked in on itself.

     But how did awareness become so individuated that it showed up as you and me--our personalities--all so incredibly diverse, no matter our commitment to conformity.

  How about this amazingly large sense of being ourselves, that we become "aware" of when we stop the doing and the thinking,  This sense of your very unique and distinguished individuality, yet held in place and time by undifferentiated awareness.

     But, can awareness ever end?  Whose to say?  Is it possible for awareness to be aware of itself ending? And if we are an integral part of awareness itself, as long as we choose awareness, we will never end.  After all, awareness is also a choice is it not? 
On second thought.....

But that's another story.

Think on't 
Andy Rumi

Thursday, September 11, 2014

O'ertaken by the Now

O’ertaken by the Now.

Resist the urge to “do” something.

Bereft of doing, how will I make it?

That is the fear.

But then maybe......... 
“Need do” or “Not need do” is the question.

But who is asking?
And so I switch seats and take the position of the answerer."You need do nothing,”  So says A Course in Miracles  “Nothing is required,” writes Neale Donald Walsh writing for God. “Be Still and know that I am God,” saith the Bible.
You’re never too late to for the now.” Says Andy Rumi.
But what do they know?

But wait!
What if it’s what they don’t know that’s pulling the cords of my longing?
What if the Eternal Now is playing that bouquet of cords as they pass through the portals of my awareness?

What if the transient me is the period at the end of a sentence that never ends?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

All or Nothing?

A significant breakthrough for me was when I realized that everything I've learned, the entire edifice of my experience, my thinking and the interpretation of my thoughts, even my values are based on the information I initially received through my five senses and what I did with that information as determined by my physical and emotional needs. 

That orientation has shaped my entire world view.  So even though there is what appears to be empty space that is mostly everything, from the point of view of my five senses, that space appears as essentially nothing.  

What if I had a whole other cadre of ways of accessing, perceiving and interpenetrating with reality? I might find that what I call empty space, for instance, is filled with all sorts of being…that I am actually swimming in a sea of being, unaware that I am bumping up against, exchanging with, shaping and being shaped by a host of differentials that continually inform and influence my existence.

What if, as I allow myself to interpenetrate with all of this other stuff, I continually add dimension, even substance to my being.  What if, every time there is this interpenetration, this exchange…reality takes a quantum jump and there is more of it?  Is this not the basis of all existence?

Think on't
Andy Rumi

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


People ask Rochelle and I why we do our radio show, "Insight Out--the Naked Truth." Now, I don't actually know any people who ask us that, but I imagine them asking that, so this is my answer.  

Rochelle and I love to laugh and to cause laughter, so we draw attention to the absurdities that go on in our world, which are largely based on limiting and destructive beliefs which, in turn, sit atop un-examined assumptions, deceptive perceptions, misguided teachings-- topped with layers of immaturity, variable genetics and muddled thinking.
And from the unlimited, eternal, all loving perspective, that stuff is ridiculous-albeit, unnecessarily costly and destructive. 

So join us on tonight's radio show (actually all our radio shows) as we look behind the illusions into the core of  "What Is," and from there, we can examine our assumptions--some of which are a hoot, deceptive perceptions--outright guffaw-worthy, misguided teachings--one punch line after another, immaturity--adorably cute and delightful, variable genetics--arguably laughable, and the muddled thinking--falling out of your chair hysterical,. Oh, let's not forget the limiting and destructive beliefs, some of which are pathetically ludicrous and bizarre.

So come be with us tonight and all Tuesdays, 7 PM (PDT) and be prepared not only to laugh, but to gain the insights that can take you into greater joy, freedom and awareness!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Being born of the spirit--who knew?

   I've had a deeper understanding of what it means to be born of the spirit--i.e. to be reborn.  Our first birth is as a delimited being and then we accrue all sorts of definitions of that, essentially temporary self that become fixed by the ego and as the "ego."--the part of the mind that identifies our self by separation (according to A Course in Miracles).

     Kind of like a "fixer" in photography, if you have ever developed photos from negatives.  the fixer "fixes" the image so that it stays permanent.  But it is locked into that time/space two dimensional image.  The ego is a two dimensional self and when we are reborn, we realize that we are unfolding as a three dimensional self (at least). In other words we have the potential for increasing the depth and range of expression that the third dimension offers--that third dimension being the presence of living unqualified eternal being-ness that we are invited to explore, contribute to, and harmonize with.

     And what we contribute is our unique point of view, which , if we are growing, is constantly evolving. It's like evolution, as we know it, provides the foundation for taking off into the infinite. And that is how evolution as a measurable process that proceeds through time and space can work with the eternal presence. Essentially, there is a dialogue between evolution and Presence that is going on within each of us and our relationship to each other and to life.

     But to be reborn is to transfer the locus of one's being to a different context.  The irony is that we have always been in that context--that of being one with unending love, but there comes a point at which we "wake up' to that reality and begin the process of adapting ourselves, our thoughts and our behaviors to the context of love/spirit and all that characterizes it, in contrast to the duality-based ego consciousness that we mostly live our lives as and through.

     To be reborn then is to realize that we are part of that larger context--that we are swimming in it.  This context is mostly invisible to us to the degree that we "fixate" on the finite and accept it as the impenetrable essence of everything and confine ourselves to the duality that it presents.

     In addition, fear of losing that finite identified self keeps us both locked into it and unaware of the infinite self that is eager to be released and expressed.  This is why it is imperative, if we are to continue to grow and realize our amazing potential, that we learn to recognize whenever the ego self is clutching to us and to release it through forgiveness--the process of recognizing that that clutching is just a spasm (as Thomas Merton described it) and it needs a good massage, which is what forgiveness provides.  Forgiveness then provides the means, by engaging the resistance, of releasing it through acceptance and love.  Kind of how phagocytes or white blood cells work in the blood stream.

    At the moment of rebirth then, we might exclaim,  "Oh my, I am an expression of a coordinated and infinitely flexible and adaptive universe that is constantly giving birth to more and more of itself all in the"image" of the Creator/Source of being. That image, ironically, is no image other than the patterns of relationship continually birthing new aspects and offspring of the relational Self.

     So there is no fixing of the self as anything that can be measured.  That is what Jeshua meant when he said that "He that shall seek to save his life will lose it, but he that gives up his life for my sake will have everlasting life."
     And what is his "sake?"  "Sake" is just another word for purpose. So what is the purpose of evolution and the Divine context? To create more and more variegated aspects of reality ever diversifying through an endless process of new and surprising relationships and patterns grounded in Spirit that provides the support and foundation for all the "playing around" that the universe through evolution is up to.

     So, here's hoping that if you haven't' had your "Rebirth-day," you have it soon.  Whenever you have it, Here's a Happy Re-birthday to you! Mazeltov!

     Time to make a wish and blow out the candles!

Think on't
Andy Rumi

Sunday, April 27, 2014


I just found this unfinished blog.  It is now many months later, and the story has evolved in a very interesting way, but I thought this was worth sharing, especially in light of what has happened since I wrote it. Here goes: 
When I look out at the world, I see lots of options. There's an aw-ful lot of stuff traipsing about. 
But when I turn inward, on the other hand, while it seems like there's not a lot going on (once I get beyond all the mental hullabaloo) it's fairly quiet.....but its non-dual low profile sort of way.
Curious, while I was on the phone with yet another person with whom I've been speaking about what appears to be the soon to be short sale of our townhouse, I was reading about the actual wholeness in which I abide. 
So there is all this appearance of separation, but then there is just the "IsNess" of Presence--the not then or there-ness. And if it's indivisible and I am part of that, how does seamless existence affect my "circumstances?"
Can I trust the Now to continue me as a whole being into the next Now or do I have to jump in, take control and attempt to manipulate time and space so that I'll be present when I get to that next Now and will it be there when I arrive?

"Now" all this may just seem like so much abstract speculation and opinion,, which, of course, it is, but in light of my current situation, it takes on a more lively significance.
Let me sum it up: My spouse and I have no income other than our little bit of social security, and, in fact, we haven't had any income in.....well......years.( that's another story)
As a result we have an obscenely huge intractable credit card debt, which apparently can't be prayed away. It refuses to hear, "I can't pay you anything right now." because "it" in the form of debt collectors call me many times a day..
If they don't call me, I feel hurt. We have nicknames for them. “Tomcat", "Alpha", Mrs. Greenstein.
And the one that says "Unkown Caller," we've dubbed as Fig Newton.
And I especially like the ones who leaves messages like, "This is a call for Errol Strider.  If you are not Errol Strider... stop listening to this which makes no sense. Seems like, if they want their money, they wouldn't give me such a great opportunity to change my name or at least hang up. I don't get it.

Okay, continuing with the litany of our "frightening situation"--- our mortgage is overdue and we are in foreclosure, our town house goes on the auction block December 19th (along with the other financial slaves) and we have no money to move, no where to go and no way to pay to not get there.
---I'm not kvetching...just trying to pay attention here--to call a spade a "whatever they call it.".
Yes, on Dec. 19th, if I don't manipulate time and space and stuff --quick....I am in fact......fucked."
This situation, I might add, would scare the Be-Jesus right out of most people....Even the few people we've told, react like this thing is burning poisonous, smelly guk and are careful to make sure it doesn't get on them. The fear of our situation us right up there next to death, cancer, and utter lack of control--how's that for scary? It's kind of like the Frankenstorm, Sandy, that has just recently botched up the East Coast.
I get a lot of advice about this, not only from my friends standing in the headlights but also from different parts of myself:
"COMFORT" has no ambivalence about the situation.. "This sucks! and you'd better do something about it quick or at the very least have a lot sweet fatty foods around."
And, SELF-ESTEEM, of course is happy to contribute its perspective.  "You should be humiliated. What kind of man are you?  You're pathetic. Did you save me a piece of chocolate cake?"
And you know what WILLFUL DELUSIONAL THINKING says, "Let's turn on the TV...and get some Bud &; Jerry's chocolate flambe ice cream to go with it and make plans to save the world."

This whole story--the money, the mortgage, the self-judgment, the house, my need for the house.....that entire scenario is held in place by my beliefs.And not only do I believe in the picture that I have described, but, I believe that I am constrained by that picture.  There's the rub.

But, if it is just beliefs, to what extent can changing my beliefs change the story?And will appearances change? Will the picky mortgage company leave me alone?

"Now," you, as a representative of the world might argue, "These aren't just beliefs.  This is real. You really are going to have to move soon and that means, speaking of a lot of options---all your stuff."....... or so I'm led to believe.  And there you have it.  From the time I was born I've been led to believe.
Is it possible that my beliefs hold my "reality" in place? And that the deeper fear is to let go of my beliefs would be to be led astray and do I exist if I am astray?
How does "NOW" regard all of this?

The value of sharing this conundrum with you today while my partner and I are in the midst of this problem   is that is that you can be part of the blow by blow action as I attempt to practice what I, at least, want to believe.

So when I next see you, I'll be able to say with conviction, "Yep, I stuck to my whatever is the opposite of guns, and the person I've become is the person you see before you.......and have I got a story to tell you! 

Next blog..what to do with all those beliefs that I've been led to believe?

Friday, April 11, 2014

"What's on your mind?"
That is the invitation that we are offered by Facebook.  I wonder if an equally valid question is "What's not on your mind."  Answer: Everything minus and infinitesimally small amount of thought that my mind is capable of entertaining at any given moment.
Maybe that's what they mean by, "thinking outside the box."
Then again, what about thinking more deeply inside the box?  The box being my consciousness.
What if I swept away all thoughts?  Take a broom to them and put them under the carpet of my limited understanding for awhile and allow my mind to be denuded (along with my body--which I allow to be denuded in the clothing optional campground I live in.)
I wonder if, when I consult with my mind, I run into a sign that says, "Thoughts optional."  Can I take them off as easily as my clothes? "Not hardly" (db. negative intended.)
Each week, Rochelle and I do a live radio show at, (Tuesdays7PM PDT) and each week we challenge ourselves with "What's on our minds?  or "What's in our hearts." Or, more juicy, what is waiting to be discovered in our spontaneous live intercourse?

So I say to my mind, "Surprise me!"  Show me something that I never thought before...Highlight my mistakes and all the ways that I am incorrect so that I can realize something better, more far out. (Notice I did not use the term "wrong," as in right or wrong.)

So, what is on your mind?  In particular, what confounds, befuddles, boggles and otherwise blows your mind.  That's where the mind expansion takes place. Call in to our show this Tuesday, or at the very least, go to the archives, download or play one of the recent radio programs that intrigues you and see if it challenges you and your mind.

I think of a fountain of effervescent thoughts, popping out our minds, like a volcano, and the lava like implications of those new thoughts washing across the hillsides of our awareness.

So, as of now, I don't know what next Tuesday's topic will be, but it will be fun and provocative and, if does not take you outside the box, then hopefully take you more deeply into the box where you might discover something that reflects the following statement from the Urantia Book:

"It is high time that man had a religious experience so personal and so sublime that it could be realized and expressed only by “feelings that lie too deep for words.” 

Think on't
Andy Rumi

Monday, March 24, 2014

"Insight Out--the Naked Truth" Topic "The Journey" Tuesday night's radio show--7

Inline image 1
Let us take you on "The Journey-"-on tomorrow night's episode of "Insight Out-the Naked Truth" 7 PM (PDT)

Since you probably know by now, Rochelle and I are pretty well convinced that we keep on evolving with or without our mortal bodies.  What has come as a revelation is how much that awareness has affected how we live our lives in these bodies.  It's really very freeing and much more fun!.  Find out how enriching and ennobling that knowledge can be for you as you tune in to tomorrow night's show, and more importantly, tune in to your own eternal wisdom.

Maybe, as you listen in tomorrow,we can tempt you into that awareness, so that you can make the most of your soul's journey through the universe. Or, at least, make the journey much more meaningful and leave less confusion and messiness in your wake. 

And BTW, How are you doing on your journey through life?  Find out what "The Traveler," has to say about the journey.  Our surprise guest.

Please join us Tuesday night at 7 PM (PDT) and call in and let us know you're there.  We'd love to hear from you.  And. please ask some un-answerable questions. Those are our favorite kind.  They force us to dig deeper into the mystery. After all, aren't some of your best travelling adventures those you didn't expect, that kind of pop out of the unknown? 

Like the time our canoe capsized on a river in Arkansas (think "Deliverance"--the movie). Rochelle and I, Ian (9 yrs old) Lev (13 yrs old). What an adventure! 
We'll tell you the story on tomorrow night's show

Go to  Every Tuesday at 7 PM (PDT)
Bon voyage!
Errol & Rochelle
PS.  You can always listen to each show from the Archives (middle of the web page) and you can even download any of the programs to your smart phone.  I, myself, have a stupid phone, so I can't do that.