Monday, March 24, 2014

"Insight Out--the Naked Truth" Topic "The Journey" Tuesday night's radio show--7

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Let us take you on "The Journey-"-on tomorrow night's episode of "Insight Out-the Naked Truth" 7 PM (PDT)

Since you probably know by now, Rochelle and I are pretty well convinced that we keep on evolving with or without our mortal bodies.  What has come as a revelation is how much that awareness has affected how we live our lives in these bodies.  It's really very freeing and much more fun!.  Find out how enriching and ennobling that knowledge can be for you as you tune in to tomorrow night's show, and more importantly, tune in to your own eternal wisdom.

Maybe, as you listen in tomorrow,we can tempt you into that awareness, so that you can make the most of your soul's journey through the universe. Or, at least, make the journey much more meaningful and leave less confusion and messiness in your wake. 

And BTW, How are you doing on your journey through life?  Find out what "The Traveler," has to say about the journey.  Our surprise guest.

Please join us Tuesday night at 7 PM (PDT) and call in and let us know you're there.  We'd love to hear from you.  And. please ask some un-answerable questions. Those are our favorite kind.  They force us to dig deeper into the mystery. After all, aren't some of your best travelling adventures those you didn't expect, that kind of pop out of the unknown? 

Like the time our canoe capsized on a river in Arkansas (think "Deliverance"--the movie). Rochelle and I, Ian (9 yrs old) Lev (13 yrs old). What an adventure! 
We'll tell you the story on tomorrow night's show

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Bon voyage!
Errol & Rochelle
PS.  You can always listen to each show from the Archives (middle of the web page) and you can even download any of the programs to your smart phone.  I, myself, have a stupid phone, so I can't do that.