Tuesday, August 26, 2014

All or Nothing?

A significant breakthrough for me was when I realized that everything I've learned, the entire edifice of my experience, my thinking and the interpretation of my thoughts, even my values are based on the information I initially received through my five senses and what I did with that information as determined by my physical and emotional needs. 

That orientation has shaped my entire world view.  So even though there is what appears to be empty space that is mostly everything, from the point of view of my five senses, that space appears as essentially nothing.  

What if I had a whole other cadre of ways of accessing, perceiving and interpenetrating with reality? I might find that what I call empty space, for instance, is filled with all sorts of being…that I am actually swimming in a sea of being, unaware that I am bumping up against, exchanging with, shaping and being shaped by a host of differentials that continually inform and influence my existence.

What if, as I allow myself to interpenetrate with all of this other stuff, I continually add dimension, even substance to my being.  What if, every time there is this interpenetration, this exchange…reality takes a quantum jump and there is more of it?  Is this not the basis of all existence?

Think on't
Andy Rumi