Thursday, September 11, 2014

O'ertaken by the Now

O’ertaken by the Now.

Resist the urge to “do” something.

Bereft of doing, how will I make it?

That is the fear.

But then maybe......... 
“Need do” or “Not need do” is the question.

But who is asking?
And so I switch seats and take the position of the answerer."You need do nothing,”  So says A Course in Miracles  “Nothing is required,” writes Neale Donald Walsh writing for God. “Be Still and know that I am God,” saith the Bible.
You’re never too late to for the now.” Says Andy Rumi.
But what do they know?

But wait!
What if it’s what they don’t know that’s pulling the cords of my longing?
What if the Eternal Now is playing that bouquet of cords as they pass through the portals of my awareness?

What if the transient me is the period at the end of a sentence that never ends?