Wednesday, October 15, 2014

What is the within?

(We hear the announcer)

 "The realm of ever expanding ecstatic consciousness is within.  Call now and find out how you can have your own inner realm, where you can bring all your most loving and spiritual memories. Not only does it receive as many as you can stuff into it, (kinda like a big pajama party) but the really cool thing about it is the more folks you share your inner realm with, the larger it gets.

In your inner realm you won't be able to distinguish between play and work.  Activities are just part of a spiral of ever expanding arching circles that never close as they make their way throughout infinity--picking up and gathering experience to itself-- like snow balls becoming snow mountains.

That's right --your inner realm has direct access to infinity where you will find friendly souls eager to greet you, problems to challenge your creativity, and surprises that bear somewhat of a resemblance to earthly orgasms.

"What's the difference between inner orgasms and physical ones?" you may ask. Body orgasms, while fantastic and effective are very short--as are sneezes, by the way, also a very satisfying and effective burst of energy and fluids.

But your bodies are too fragile to host that kind of extended ecstasy that you can have in the inner realm. In your inner realm you learn how to consciously control the direction and the purpose of your soul's jubilant fluid outbursts and make them last longer.

Be sure and bring your most loving thoughts into your inner realm, but leave behind all worries and numbers.  There is no place for numbers in the inner realm. In the inner realm, numbers are irrelevant, if they're recognized at all. And worries..... C'mon. Need we say more?

Free tickets......on sale now!"

Think on't 
And Rumi

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