Sunday, March 22, 2015

My Problems Have Become More Interesting

Many of my problems seem just like problems in the past, but now I can see so much more going on in the them.  

I've become aware of more dimensions to the problem.  As a matter of fact, the more I step toward Context, the richer the stews and the jams I find myself in.

So how about this for a name for the nameless One--often called, God-- "Context."Yeah, think of God as Context.

"In the beginning was Context 

and Context was with God and Context was God.

Everything lives in a context, so you see, can't ever really be late.
Context is happy to greet and support you wherever you decide to show up.

Sounds like the kind of God I could be-live in. Oh....I already am--Oh, yeah, I forget, There's no escape from context. It's a good thing it's infinite.

"But wait! If context is infinite, where exactly am I?"  you rightly ask.I guess if you're part of an infinite context, you don't actually end anywhere, which means, you're all over.
So get all over yourself.
"But wait," you retort, "Yo....context....what'd ya got goin' on Now?"
"Much more than everything."
"Touche'" you reply.
"What'cha doin' wit yo' self?" asks Context, knowing full well that the answer is in the context.(sly dog)
(And by the way context was played by a Bulgarian Duke, Himmler Von Ferdinand faking a Black American accent

"In the beginning was Context 
and Context was with God and Context was God.

So, if you want  to make your problems more interesting, expand the context in which you confront them.
But, if you're not all that interested in doing that,  not to worry!  Existence will eventually insist.
Or, as George Land sums it up with the title of  his book, "Grow or Die."
Think on't
Andy Rumi


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