Friday, April 17, 2015

Don't Take 'Yes' for an answer.

Too short.  Yeah, you want an answer that's got some ongoing-ness to it.  "Yes" is great, but it's over too soon. Way shorter than an orgasm, even, and that's always a good answer.

No, I wouldn't take "Yes" for answer.

I'd want answer to be more like, "Whatever you want."  Wouldn't that be a cool answer.
Or, "You're never wrong."  Wow, that's a dynamite answer.  Just count the syllables--that alone qualifies it as an answer for the taking or, "You get to decide."--Now, that's a hellava answer, ain't it?

But if you have a short attention span and can get by on answer snacks, then "Yes" is okay.  It'll do in a pinch.

But one more thing--the reason not to take "yes" as an answer is because no answer, no matter how good it is, can be taken.  

After all the very best answers aren't taken.......they're shared--
that's what makes them answers.

Think on't
Andy Rumi

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