Friday, April 3, 2015

What to do with your love for Jesus

    Tonight is the first night of Passover and the celebration of "The Last Supper"--Good Friday (a religious icon if there ever was one.) It was the last meal Jeshua shared with his apostles. It is a good time to reflect on Jesus' purpose and the symbolism of this event.  

     Passover and the Last Supper are both about becoming free.  Free as a people, thanks to Moses, et al, and free as an individual, thanks to Jeshua, et al.

      I see Jeshua's life as an invitation. An invitation to find freedom in wholeness.
     Jeshua is in fact an invitation sent by God--source of all Being-- to join with the rest of reality and work for the betterment of the whole--actually any "whole" in which you find yourself, starting with your self, to make the whole of you more aligned and integrated--body, mind, soul and spirit. 

     And then work toward the same integration for any system in which you find yourself. And in doing that you will free yourself and others.
     In short, to make that system (family, company, school, date, relationship, country, world, a line in a super market.... into the best it can be when all its parts are integrated and working toward a common purpose--to maximize the beauty, truth and goodness that that system is capable of expressing and receiving. 
And have eternal freedom as your reward
    "Freedom to do what?" you may ask. 

Make harmonic adaptations 
out of ever more diverse universe phenomena.

    In other words, "Let's party," saith the Universe.  But, party responsibly--forever able to respond to the movements of All Being as it celebrates existence in the dance of relationship.

Think on't.
Andy Rumi

PS. To help you think more deeply into this promise, listen to our most recent radio program of "Insight Out--the Naked Truth" from last Tuesday night, March 31 at

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