Saturday, December 12, 2015

Accelerating conscious evolution

Accelerating conscious evolution
Part 1

The quickest way to accelerate conscious evolution, how it works, why it’s necessary.

Please, take your seats.

It seems there are two frames of references that need to be united. The first one is the activities of life and all the repercussions therefrom, the degree to which they impact the quality of life and especially, how they harmfully influence phenomena with which they are in association. Let’s call this dimension or realm, “Shenanigans”.

Then there is the other perspective, largely unrecognized by the first one and yet with the potential to provide the kinds of adjustments and support that the first perspective, the "Shenanigans," requires in order to “right” itself. This perspective is the one from the point of view of the united whole--as in, "Just for the whole of it,"-- which, while recognizing its inherent parts, sees no separation within them.   We'll call this perspective "The Union."

On one hand the whole panoply of experience in the Shenanigans realm, to the degree that it is passing and constantly changing, is temporary at best, and therefore any pronouncements that might be made about it are referencing the past and applying them to the present in the hopes of affecting the future. But all perceptions within this realm are based on the fundamental assumption that the parts are separate.

From the point of view of "The Union" nothing could be further from the truth. So, in order to affect maximum growth, freedom and harmony, we need to first drop into the state of union and see what action is called forth therefrom.  I believe that this is what Jesus meant when he said, "Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and all else will be added."

If "The Union"-- All being-- is essentially..... compassion fully embodied-paramount and all pervasive and, in fact, is the context in which everything does its thing, then how does "The Union" relate to all these "Shenanigans," especially, if what is happening is painful and horrendous, in short, is begging for healing and forgiveness--"The Union."

I would suggest, therefore, if we wish to be most expeditious in applying energy to this multi-, multi-, multidimensional system, our world community, that seems to be in somewhat of a precarious state, we need to ground ourselves in the experience of union, trusting that "The Union" itself, since it commands the universe, will direct our path and our choices in bringing the prodigal disunity home for supper.

Part 2: Returning to union and why we resist it. Please come back.  We'll save your seat.

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