Monday, May 16, 2016

What To Do About Climate Change

There are two issues that need to be addressed concerning the imminent changes resulting from the dramatic De-stablization of our climate and how it will influence life on earth.
The first and most obvious are the efforts we make to stop fossil fuel emissions and all other ways we are contributing to the diminution of the quality of our ecosystem.

The second, which does not seem to be given enough attention, is how we manage ourselves in dealing with these changes, for no matter how quickly we can address the latter, we are still going to have to make some significant adjustments to our lives.

This from "Keys of Jeshua" by Glenda Green--Jeshua says, "
"........ one can only survive the forthcoming changes by honoring life, love, personal integrity, and community above all stories.  The whole earth -- land, sea, animals, plants and atmosphere -- aches for the end of its troubled stories.  Most of all, the hearts of men and women ache for them to end."

Now, while most humans don't make major adjustments in their thinking and behavior until crisis is in our faces, I would like to suggest to forward looking individuals that we take steps to prepare ourselves to deal creatively with the changes that will be forced upon us--in particular, how we grow effective communities and how we can develop more personal integrity.

Think of this blog as a shot across the bow of your awareness and let's plan to pursue this together.
And remember, "It's never too late to be in the Now"

Thnk on't
Andy Rumi