Saturday, November 12, 2016


Think about who some of Trump's main supporters were--white middle class and lower middle class men who live in the Red States. 

Imagine you are one of these men and you’re not able to work enough to provide for your family. It’s humiliating. Your self-respect inevitably will take a nosedive.

Add to that your disappointment in your government and how betrayed you feel. That’s gonna make you really angry. If you combine that with low self-respect, you end up picking a Donald-Trump-type. (more on how that works later).

While many Trump supporters have said that they weren’t so much voting for Trump as they were voting against Hillary Clinton – Trump being the lesser of two evils--they could have chosen one of the other dozen Republican candidates, but they didn't. They picked Trump, or more precisely, Trump's vibe.

If Tolstoy is correct in suggesting that the nature and the quality of our leaders emerges out of the consciousness of the people, we will pick a leader who reflects our consciousness. In that sense he’s a mirror for that part of ourselves.
THE GOOD NEWS: Addressing that low self-respect becomes the issue and the opportunity.

If low self-respect is a major factor in Trump's election, then a viable strategy becomes apparent. People who struggle with self-respect need to realize that their self-respect is not determined by what they do, don’t do, have, or don’t have. None of those conditions will ultimately give them (or any of us) self-respect. In fact if  we look for self-respect from any of those categories, , we won't find them and as a result, we can  become addicted, greedy and angry--but never satisfied, let alone full filled or even...... filled full. 

When we strip down to our core desire, we realize that what we want is love and acceptance--self acceptance. Ultimately self-respect only comes from a realization of who we actually are, and to realize that, we need to know what or even who sources our being--who made us.

Enter…… God, but not just any God, it is the very God “in whom we trust."

Now, whatever God may be, God is whole.  As we come to know the wholeness of our own being, we meet Ultimate Wholeness--All Being-God.
This truth is simply and elegantly stated in the prayer that serves as a centerpiece of the morning and evening Jewish Prayer services--the Shema, "Hear oh, Israel, the Lord our God, the lord is One.

One what?  Besides, one heck of a God, ONE implies that God is whole, not divided.  The very prototype of Wholeness, At-onement.

The more each of us becomes whole then, the closer we approach that Divine Being who is eager to affirm and support our whole being-ness.
Here's what I suggest as a practical approach to this opportunity:

Get a bunch of people together help them to recognize their lack of positive self-regard and then guide them into the experience of personal wholeness--of personal integrity-congruence. (This may sound difficult, but it can be rather quick and easy--based on my experience of leading people into this awareness).

From there it's just a hop, skip and a leap (of faith) to the feeling of personal self-worth. And once you find it in yourself, you'll do whatever you can to recognize it in others--and it is upon that realization that the society of the Beloved is built.

Then the people will elect leaders that reflect the values that emerge out of the experience of wholeness-Unity-as in United, as in United Citizens of America.
Think on't.

" can only survive the forthcoming changes by honoring life, love, personal integrity, and community above all stories." Jeshua from Keys of Jeshua.

Next blog I'll discuss specific strategies and tactics.