Thursday, October 25, 2018


From Keys of Jeshua by Glenda Green

"All habits need review and examination."

"Habits are to the body what judgments are to the consciousness. Both are deployed without further thought, and both prevent response and sensitivity to the truth of the moment. Both prevent change." Jeshua (Jesus)

I recently had a very profound realization of this "truth."  For the past several years I have suffered from infections around my finger nails.  It is called paronychia.

Working in the kitchen as a cook and dishwasher at Lupin Lodge along with cleaning bathrooms and yurts I was continually plagued by these painful infections.
I tried everything to get rid of it--all kinds of salves, various gloves, cotton gloves within rubber gloves.
I always wore gloves because I've always worn gloves when I wash dishes.  That has been my habit.

A couple of weeks ago I stopped wearing gloves.  Guess what?  The paronychia is almost gone--certainly way less infection and pain than before.  Now I do not wear gloves to do these kinds of jobs.

A great example of why habits "need review and examination."